Changing my mind about rms beauty Part III: Lip Shine Sacred

Witness of Sense rms beauty lip shine sacred review

This is the third and last part of my review series on rms products which turned out to be challenging to me. Just as the two previous two products, the Buriti Bronzer and the Living Luminizer, today’s review is about one of rms beauty’s stars: the Lip Shine in shade “Sacred”. Read on to see how my impression changed from “meh” to “wow”. Continue reading

Some Music and Perfume for Tough Times

Witness of Sense Parfumerie Generale Louanges Profanes Short Review

I am by no means a political person but I care about people, about their hopes and fears and about equal rights and equal treatment. Recent political movements in the U.S. and in Europe have clearly not been in favour of immigrants, non-Christians, women and homosexual people and I am shocked to see more and more people choosing hate and phobia over equality, compassion and communication. This post won’t be about politics but rather about what usually helps me to stay calm and optimistic during difficult times – perfume and a music playlist.  Continue reading

Fair, Good and Pink: Reviewing the i+m Fair Edition Sambia Shower and Bathing Oil


Earlier this year, numerous bloggers reported about the Vivaness, one of the biggest organic trade shows in Germany. This is when new brands have the chance to reach out to a wider audience and when established brands present their new products. Shorty after the event, I was browsing the reports and pictures of bloggers who had visited the Vivaness and saw one of them posting a picture of the new i+m Fair Edition products. Ever since that point, I have waited for the products to hit the stores.  Continue reading

Changing my mind about rms beauty Part 1: Living Luminizer


rms Beauty, the organic beauty line of make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift, is not a new player on the green beauty market and no matter if we’re talking about her “un” cover-up, the mascara or beauty oil, the products usually receive high praise as to ingredients, effect and feeling. They may not be cheap but the fan base is massive and so they must be good, right? My answer to this is that I actually struggled with three of the brand’s most prominent products… Continue reading

Travelling in northern Portugal and why communicating expectations matters


Portugal has a long history of happy tourists who spend their surfing / family / eco / stag night holidays in southern regions like the Algarve. When me and a friend considered travelling in southern Europe for 2 weeks, we quickly decided for the other end of the long, narrow country, hoping that the weather and tourist density would be less extreme… So without further ado, here is how to survive in Porto, Coimbra and the Lisbon area during high season. Continue reading