Witness of Sense was born when I realized that there is a connection between all of my various passions: I like to smell niche perfume, feel and test natural beauty products, listen to music and explore music channels for hours and first and foremost, I love to see the world and the beauty of people.

I am currently living in Germany but have lived in the UK (where I lived and worked on organic farms), Hungary and Austria before and now I am already thinking about my next move. Changes are important to me, I become jittery when I feel that I am stuck and have grown too much of a comfort zone, be it location, habits, products or anything else. I am extremely lucky that my friends and family let me be the wanderer I am and encourage my ever changing ideas and self-exploration.

I am always curious about discovering and experiencing things, to understand them and to share them with others. Witness of Sense is half diary, half journal and I hope you enjoy this journey through the world of senses with me.





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