Smelling Lovely – Ponyhütchen Deodorant Cream Review

Ponyhütchen Ponyhuetchen Deo Cream Review

Hello dears, it’s been a while… I cannot believe that is has been a month since my last post where I told you about all the things currently going on in my life (job, travels, moving, etc.) but I am happy that I could sort out some of this already. Now I am really looking forward to a bright shiny new year 2017 and to writing more regularly again!

Today’s post is about deodorant cream. Most folks who are into natural beauty products will probably know what deodorant cream is, why it is such a great alternative to regular deodorant and how to use it. There are now several brands who offer their products (most prominent ones include Schmidt’s Deodorants, Meow Meow Tweet, Wolkenseifen and Soapwalla) and I have tested most of them. Although I love the Schmidt’s Deodorant Stick (I briefly mentioned it here), I keep coming back to the Swiss manufacturer Ponyhütchen which I will review today.


What is so special about deodorant cream?

For the last couple of years, aluminium (a key ingredient in most regular deodorants) has been discussed as potentially harmful and has been linked to a higher risk for cancer and Alzheimer. Although studies and research came up with different results, I prefer to be on the safe side and to avoid aluminium in my deodorant.

There is just one problem: once removed from the ingredients list, many deodorants are not as efficient anymore and customers are left with stinky armpits. Uh. Here is where deodorant creams step in. Natural brands like the ones listed above have come up with creams that include a mix of oils (mostly coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa seed butter) together with baking soda, magnesium and/or arrowroot powder. The latter ingredients help to neutralize odour but will not block the pores and prevent sweating altogether.


Why Ponyhütchen?

Deodorant creams come in all sort of different textures, containers and scents. They also differ in how effective they are and what side effects they have: I struggled with some brands’ products that were too hard or had a crumbly texture, that gave me rashes after application or left white marks on my clothes, that left me stinky after a few hours or had an unpleasant scent.

Ponyhütchen are the Goldilocks deodorant creams that keep me odour-free, are non-irritating and do not leave a white cast on my armpits. Ponyhütchen does use synthetic fragrances though, so if you are looking for deodorant creams with natural fragrances, this brand might not be for you.

The only downside that I can think of is that Ponyhütchen’s deodorant creams show a different texture depending on how warm or cold it is (this is due to the contained coconut oil). In warmer weather, the creams tend to be liquid. This does not alter their effect though.


Which ingredients are used?

Starch, baking soda, bio shea butter, bio coconut oil, bio macadamia nut oil, rapeseed oil, kaolin, zinc oxide.


Ponyhütchen Deo Cream fragrances

Although I have not tested all Ponyhütchen deodorant creams yet, I know most of them and would like to give you an idea of how they smell like. Obviously, fragrance is important to me and so I prefer some scents more than others but keep in mind that fragrance preferences are as different as you and me and you might like one of the described deo creams that I wouldn’t wear and vice versa.


**** Rock-a-Hula

This is one of my favourite scents. It is described as smelling of bergamot, green tea and pomegranate but it reminds me of sherbet powder or red fruits iced tea. It’s a great summer’s scent and I do not perceive it as “funky” as some commenters find.

**** Supervixen

I can think of better names for this in the German-speaking area but it is a great scent nonetheless. Featuring mango and vanilla, it is a fruity, warm scent that makes me smile when I smell it.

**** A Perfect Match(a)

This is without a doubt Ponyhütchen’s best-selling deodorant cream. It smells slightly green, like tea but also fresh and a bit powdery. A crowd-pleaser and I count myself in.

**** Shibuya

I tend to perceive citrus fragrances as sweaty (I am looking at you, Guerlain Pamplelune!) but Shibuya came as a surprise: it smells like a warm, intense grapefruit but without being sour. It’s a sleeper!

*** Kokoskuss

Kokoskuss is quite an intense coconut fragrance. I like it, it is warm, tonka sweet and round but it is actually so intense that it interferes with my perfume. I still like to wear it in summer and then just go without perfume.

*** Kuscheldecke

Literally meaning something like “cozy blanket”, this one is a creamy vanilla scent with a bit of cinnamon. It is far less intense compared to Kokoskuss and can be worn year-round.

*** Sommermädchen

Sommermädchen (“summer girl”) is a floral scent, reminding me of jasmine and lily. It is quite intense and I am not really into flowers but I imagine many women liking it.

** Blütenzauber

Again, a floral scent but more fresh and clean than Sommermädchen. Blütenzauber (“blossom magic”) is one of Ponyhütchen’s best-sellers and I can see why as it is a mild, creamy toned-down Dior J’Adore – smelling just as boring IMO.

** Löwenherz

This one is a special edition and linked to a donation campaign that Ponyhütchen cooperates on. Löwenherz (“Lionheart”) is a clean, pleasing, slightly floral scent (but less so than Blütenzauber). I smell fabric softener.

** Fresh & Fruity

I had a sample of Fresh & Fruity and remember that it did smell fresh and fruity, a creamy scent with only a little bit of mandarin. If you like to use non- or barely scented products, this one is for you.

* Dandyrella

I know that there are people who love this scent (my mom is one of them) but I would never ever apply Dandyrella under my arms. It smells slightly smoky, like a mix of cedar wood and incense. Perfect for oriental lovers but I pass.

* Honigschnütchen

Oh well, Honigschnütchen (“little honey pout”) is a gourmand fan’s dream, it is warm honey all over and very intense. I can’t wear this deo cream as it literally wears me and outdoes every perfume that I own.



First of all, it seems that I like fruity fragrances in deodorant creams. Interesting, who would have thought…

Second, do yourself and your armpits a favour and try some deodorant cream. The Ponyhütchen ones are among the best that I have tried and I highly recommend them. They come in all sort of different fragrances and I have not even smelled all of them (there is also a lavender one, a peach scent, more gourmand and citrus scents + special editions). Their ingredients are top and they can be bought online (here), in Ponyhütchen’s flagship store in Berlin and also in some bio supermarkets.

The deo creams come in different sizes and are said to last at least 3 months (for the 25 ml version) and 6 months (for the full-size, 50 ml version).

Are you familiar with deodorant creams? Which brand do you use and if you know the Ponyhütchen deo creams: which fragrance is your favourite?

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