To New Beginnings: A Personal Update + Backpacking with Organic Products

Witness of Sense Backpacking and Travelling with Organic Products

Thanks goodness, it’s weekend! There was so much to do in the last couple of days that I can hardly concentrate anymore. I literally feel like the woman in the picture above, with loads of thoughts and ideas in my head and they bump and take turns while I try to keep it together. 

First things first

I will quit my job by the end of the year but there are still some important meetings to attend until mid-December

I am going to move my stuff from Austria to Germany and although we speak the same language (sort of…), it’s more complicated and expensive than I expected. Bureaucracy is killing me already

I will start backpacking in South East Asia in January!

While I know that I should feel all bubbly and excited about these changes, I am actually struggling to keep up with my plans and thoughts. Looking at me from an outside perspective, I think that I am simply overwhelmed by what I have started about two years ago.


Here is a little background story

When I moved to Austria, I came from a place with a very dynamic and international atmosphere, a place that I loved and where I had many friends. Austria, on the other hand, was new to me. I knew nobody, it was the first time in years that I lived in a German-speaking country again and I had only moved for the job. What followed were almost 2 years of struggle. Looking back, I must admit that I was rather lucky: I found a great shared flat that truly feels like home, my colleagues are the best and there are a handful of people who I see regularly and that are great fun.

Still, things just didn’t feel right. My job tasks and responsibilities were far from what I had expected, I kept having health issues, my long-distance relationship fell apart and I repeatedly asked myself what I was doing over here. Was this some crazy self-discovery exercise that I had imposed on myself? What did I really want?


The answers

I am still not a 100% sure what I want but I will at least stop to fight against myself. For some reason, I tried to accept my struggle over here as something that I had to go through. It was not the first time that I realised almost from the start how I headed into the wrong direction but kept running instead of turning around.

Maybe I do this because I am stubborn or because I don’t like to see my wrong decisions as failures (they are not, I know). Or maybe it is just the road that most people take and I try to fit in? I don’t know but I just can’t ignore my intuition any longer. This place does not feel right to me and so I am calling it quits.


Travel preparations

Travelling has always helped me to put things back into perspective and it feels like an obvious thing to do for me as soon as I have the opportunity to go. I plan to stay with my family for a little while before leaving for South East Asia where I have a couple of ideas as to where to go and what to do but I think I will figure out most of it once I am there.

There are, however, some things that need some preparation: vaccinations for example, travel insurance, handling my current social insurance so that I don’t have to pay the full amount while I am away. (All of these topics are handled differently depending on if I deal with them in Austria or in Germany. In the end, the key question is whether I should keep my Austrian residence or whether I should deregister and take on a permanent residence in Germany. Both alternatives have pros and cons and it’s driving me insane.)

Then there are the typical questions as to: what organic products should I take with me? Which products will not take much space and are not liquid? A several-months trip requires a different approach than the usual 2-3 weeks vacation and my last huge journey of 8 months took place in 2009. Which means I am basically starting at zero again and wonder which products are essential, which products have a double function and can be used for several purposes and which products I might skip completely or can be replaced by basic ingredients that I can buy over there.

Here is a list of organic products and product categories that I have in mind for my backpacking trip (feel free to suggest some of your favourite travel-proven products!):

  • Akamuti Rice Bran Oil – obviously, since it is my holy grail for skin care and can be used for cleansing and as a hair oil as well (see my full review here)
  • Lamazuna or Pure Skin Food Make-Up Remover Pads – since they are reusable
  • Soap instead of a bodywash (what’s your favourite soap?)
  • Shampoo Powder – never tried it but maybe worth a thought since they are not liquid (anyone experienced with Khadi’s or Eliah Sahil’s products?). I will test one of them in January and see if they convince me or not. If not, that would mean I have to bring my shampoo and conditioner with me…
  • Sun Protection – so far, I think I will stick with the Börlind products (such as the SPF30 Sun Pray), no matter the chemical filters
  • Schmidt’s Deodorant or baking soda that I can mix with coconut oil
  • Sante Tooth Paste
  • Sanitizer – Intelligent Nutrients has one that might fit the bill.

I will concentrate on which make-up to bring with me as well but will do this at another time. For now, I hope I could give you an idea of what I’ve been up to lately: If you have any recommendations on how to deal with stress or which organic products to bring for a backpacking trip, please let me know in the comments!


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