Fair, Good and Pink: Reviewing the i+m Fair Edition Sambia Shower and Bathing Oil


Earlier this year, numerous bloggers reported about the Vivaness, one of the biggest organic trade shows in Germany. This is when new brands have the chance to reach out to a wider audience and when established brands present their new products. Shorty after the event, I was browsing the reports and pictures of bloggers who had visited the Vivaness and saw one of them posting a picture of the new i+m Fair Edition products. Ever since that point, I have waited for the products to hit the stores. 

This moment has finally come! It was not difficult to recognise the beautiful pink bottle when I clicked through the i+m product sortiment a couple of days ago. I did not hesitate and added their Sambia Shower and Bathing Oil to my basket. It was only when the heavy glass bottle arrived that I started to read up on the Fair Edition background story.

What are the i+m Fair Editions?

Their support of social initiatives is what I have always liked about the Berlin brand i+m. The new Fair Edition products were created and are marketed with different social concerns in mind. i+m claims that 100% of the proceeds will be re-invested in startup projects such as the i+m women’s shelter in Sambia. Other products support refugees and Yoga initiatives. I like the idea of supporting a social project with the purchase of one of the colourful products (even or precisely because I am aware of the relatively high price of the product).

Sambia Shower and Bathing Oil Product review

When opening the white plastic lid, the first thing I noticed was the warm, spicy smell of the oil. i+m actually describes the fragrance as a winter scent with notes of orchid, magnolia, lily, some woody base notes as well as patchouli and vanilla. (May I quickly comment on how happy I am that organic brands are starting to focus on well-selected and well-composed scents for their products?) The scent reminds me of Van Cleef & Arpels’ fragrance Lys Carmin which indeed features a similar notes list. The smell is warm and sweet with cinnamon- and vanilla-flavoured flowers. Quite rounded and comfortable, a scent that I like to smell in the evening.

The oil itself is clear and easy to use under the shower although I must say that I was afraid to drop the glass bottle in the tub. Nothing has happened so far but I do not trust my clumsy fingers (especially not when they are oily!) and still take care when reaching for the product. Now I am used to it but when I first applied the oil, I was anticipating the typical foam of a cleansing product and was a little disappointed when nothing happened. No foam. Just a beautiful smelling oil which left my skin feeling soft and pampered. Not the worst thing that can happen but if you are used to foaming shower products (and to the thought that this is what actually cleanses the skin), it’s definitely a change.

After a couple of uses, I found that I prefer the Shower and Bathing Oil for the evening instead of for my morning shower (when I like products to make me feel energized and fit for the day). I can not comment on the bathing oil properties (since I rarely take a bath) but once I got over my foam anticipation, the Shower and Bathing Oil became my favourite shower product in the evening. I do not need to use a body oil or lotion afterwards, it really is nourishing enough – and no wonder with an ingredients list like this:

* organic agriculture
** from natural essential oils

The product’s main ingredient is rapeseed oil, followed by sesame oil (I love sesame oil!) and a selection of fatty acid esters, emmolients and emulsifiers. A bit further down the INCI list are almond oil, argan oil, cedar nut oil, vitamin E and sunflower oil.

Conclusion: the i+m Fair Edition Sambia Shower and Bathing Oil is a luxury product for me. I would usually not spend that much on a shower product* but I do not regret the purchase since I know that the proceeds go the a women’s shelter in Africa where the opulence of a beauty routine like mine is probably unheard-of. Also, I rarely take showers in the evening which makes me believe that the Shower and Bathing Oil will live to still see the reports of the next Vivaness in February, 2017 😛


* I bought the product at Najoba where 150ml are 18,90 EUR.

Have you tried any other of the i+m Fair Editions? How do you like the concept?

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