Golden Autumn – My Fall Fragrances 2016


I didn’t want to admit it but the times for my care-free summer fragrances are gone. Fall is a season that I like in theory: the warm colours, mystical fog, dark evenings with hot baths, blankets and scented candles… Well, as I said, in theory. Because as much as I try to romanticize fallen leaves, it’s just not my favourite time of the year. There is only one reason that I can think of that makes me enjoy this season…

Perfume is not always the same. Depending on skin, person, temperature, humidity, mood and many other factors, it smells different. During the last few weeks, I rediscovered some of the fragrances that I had set aside over the warmer months and now have re-fallen in love with. While I wished there were newer releases on my list, I just can not keep track of all the new perfumes that have flooded the perfume market in the last couple of years (and the ones that I do smell often do not impress me). So I rely on some old fall favourites:


Le Parfum de Thérèse, Frederic Malle

This is an oddball. A wonderful masterpiece oddball. It is a fruity, green chypre, lush and dry at the same time and, for some reason, I think of it as a melancholic fragrance. There is actually no better time for wearing Le Parfum de Thérèse than now: rainy days and lower temperature turn it into a something magical. It feels fragile and yet powerful, a “Mother Earth” kind of scent.


La Fille de Berlin, Serge Lutens

Confession time: I usually don’t like rose perfumes. And La Fille de Berlin starts as a strong rose note combined with a green, earthy background. If it had stayed like this, I would probably not have given it a second look. However, there is a sweeter note that I can best describe as berry compote that turns the fragrance into a mildly-sweet red rose berry wine.  Such a beverage probably does not exist but it is how La Fille de Berlin smells and looks like (the deep red colour of the fragrance may play a part in this).


Lumière Blanche, Olfactive Studio

Another scent that I rarely wear at any other season of the year. Lumière Blanche is a milky sandalwood perfume with a strong anis note that wears close to the skin and will wrap you into a soft cloud of warm spices. It is perfect for being worn in the evening when you are at home and about to snuggle up with a blanket.


Coco EdT, Chanel

Coco EdT smells like a lady who knows her worth. It may not be a perfume that I wear often but its fruity floral oriental charme never ceases to win me over as it makes me feel more confident and daring without being frosty. It is a charming badass perfume!


Back to Black, By Kilian

Another perfume that I usually do not wear when the temperatures are above 15 C°. Back to Black is cherry and tobacco, warm, powdery sweetness that wafts around my head for the whole day. I’d say it is the most mainstream and pleasing perfume of the list, a bit fruity, definitely feminine (although I think guys can wear it as well, as is the case with most perfumes) and with a cool name. It is comfy and sexy at the same time.

What are your fall favourites? Are you already in the mood for lower temperatures or still holding on to your summer scents?




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