Listening to: Amon Tobin


Today’s album review is short and sweet. It is about Amon Tobin’s fabulous album Bricolage which the world-class musician released in 1997.

Amon Tobin is known for his unique style. He mixes drums with jazz and electronic music and the result is music that feels innovative and ahead of its time – even if it is almost 20 years old.


Bricolage shows more jass elements than Amon Tobin’s first album, Adventures in Foam from 1996. Although often described as a mix of jass and jungle drums, I personally also see the album as a prime example for the trip hop of the mid-90ies.

The songs can be heard in a row and make a beautiful ouvre of rhythmic, slightly dark music.  I prefer listening to Bricolage when I am at work but even more so when I go for a run. The songs don’t distract from whatever you do but they will infuse you with energy and make you think or move or both.


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