Akamuti Rice Bran Beauty Oil Review


Akamuti is a British brand that, although being widely available, is not seen and praised enough on natural beauty blogs, I think.

I discovered their Rice Bran Beauty Oil some 2 years ago and have repurchased it several times since then. This should give you an idea of how convinced I am of its beauty effect 🙂

But before starting with my review, here comes a little info on the brand:

Akamuti was founded in 2003 by Lindsey Hedges, an aromatherapist living in Wales. Lindsey’s natural beauty products are all heavily inspired by nature, starting from the formulation and recipes all over to the packaging and design, and are handcrafted from start to finish. It is important to Lindsey that the products are cruelty-free, support ethical trading and that they contain no preservatives which is why the products are always made in small batches. Akamuti products usually have short lists of ingredients, making them perfect for people with sensitive skin and allergies – and generally for all people who like solid and good natural products while still being able to afford them. The following quote of Lindsey – upon being asked what frustrates her the most – sums it up perfectly (I found it here, the whole interview with Lindsey is worth reading!):

I am frustrated by the way the beauty industry is able to use the word natural, organic and fairtrade to promote their products, when there may be very little natural, organic or ethical content.  I also dislike the way products are promoted for their active ingredients, when there is usually very minimal content of the promoted ingredient.  Another area which I find frustrating is that many products on the market are severely overpriced, especially those where the main ingredient is water!

So, a product range that is affordable, all natural, with high ethical policies, no marketing fuss and that is coming from a small family business? I am hooked and I promise, you will be, too.


Akamuti Rice Bran Beauty Oil

I didn’t have to take a high risk when I first ordered the Rice Bran Beauty Oil. There were loads of positive reviews online and people praised it as a fantastic product for their face and for their hair. As I love products with double function, I pressed the buy botton.

When first receiving the bottle, I wondered whether I would ever be able to empty it as it comes in a 100 ml bottle which looked huge compared to my other 30 ml facial oils. However, I soon learnt that this is basically all you need for your hair, body and face and that it is good to have some more of it.

The oil is said to be the beauty secret in Japanese scincare where it has already been used for centuries. It is full of Vitamin E, rich in antioxidants and is even reputed to prevent sun damage.

The oil is clear, without any colour or noticeable scent. I prefer most of my cosmetics without scent so that they don’t interfere with my perfume. As a facial oil, I only need to dampen my face with a toner and then apply about 2 drops of oil in summer or 4 drops (or more) in winter. The oil is quickly absorbed and leaves my skin feeling soft and with a healthy glow. My skin does not look oily though and I usually apply my make-up just 5 minutes later. At first, the oil did not seem to be anything special. However, I noticed that my skin never breaks out and shows no red patches or blemishes with this product. It does not feel like there is a layer of fat or glycerin on my skin and I love that it is simple but highly effective at the same time.


Apart from using it as a face oil, the product is also great for cleansing, hair and bodycare. I actually do not use it often as a cleanser but found it to be perfect for when I want to remove heavy eye make-up or lipstick before using my regular cleanser. For this, I take a wet cotton pad and add some drops of the oil before gently whiping over my eyes or lips. It will take off most of the make-up so that I don’t need as much cleanser afterwards.

As a body oil, it feels just as lovely as on my face. I apply it when I come out of the shower and when my skin is still a bit wet. It will leave my skin soft and moisturised without feeling heavy, greasy or sticky.

On my hair, I prefer another prouct (a dry oil) but if I do not have that one at hand, the Akamuti oil also does the trick. My hair is quite dry and combing and kneading it with 2-3 drops of the Rice Bran Beauty Oil helps to make my curls look and feel more moisturised and defined.


Conclusion: I love it, I recommended it to some of my friends and they love it and I’m sure you will love it as well 🙂

I always buy the Rice Bran Beauty Oil at Ecco Verde where 100 ml cost 9,99 EUR. It can also be found in the brand’s online shop. The only ingredient is 100% cold-pressed rice bran oil.

Do you know the Akamuti brand? Which is your favourite product of the range? And do you change your face care product often or do you stick to one product if you see it’s working well for you?

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