Listening to: RUSCONI


Back in July I checked out local concerts and stumbled across a band that I had not heard of before: RUSCONI.

I quickly checked them out and learnt that they were a band from Switzerland, playing jazz but interpreting it in a modern way. Quoting from their website:

Stefan Rusconi, Fabian Gisler, and Claudio Strueby are the three acclaimed and adroit musicians who make up RUSCONI. The dynamics of their close friendship, passion for music and curiosity in the world around them, have generated a harmonious and continually inventive sound. They came together as a band ten years ago and have already played over 300 concerts in Europe and Asia, performing not only at jazz festivals but also at a number of independent clubs, connecting them with a wider, more eclectic audience.

RUSCONI’s unconventional combination of instruments, voices and instrumental preparation make them a band full of surprises. Their live appearances, in which they aim to create powerful, yet distinguished, soundscapes, are a unique and inspiring experience and have won them the Echo Award for Live Act of the Year (2013).


I thought that I could not go wrong with them and bought a ticket for their concert. RUSCONI turned out to be a well attuned trio who were obviously enjoying the show, switching between instruments, teasing each other on stage and, most importantly, they were showcasing how jazz can be reinvented as alternative electro rock.

Their concert was loud and intense and the video below (from their Youtube Channel) gives you an idea of how they sound. Still, it has not the same dynamic as when attending their show, so if you have the chance, do check them out live (here is a link to their upcoming shows).



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