V stands for Vetiver – A Review of Mona di Orio’s Vetyver


I am not too much of a vetiver fan. Actually, there has been only one vetiver perfume in my collection for a long time and that was Chanel Sycomore. It’s dark, green, smoky, woody, mysterious, strong and bold. I saw no need for any other vetiver perfume, it is my vetiver gold standard and most other vetiver scents smell bland and thin compared to it.

Vetiver Tonka by Hermes might be the exception here, although I would not want to wear it often. It is certainly interesting but my skin turns it into an odd combo of licorice with almond and vetiver and that’s a bit too much for most days.


So, enter Vetyver by Mona di Orio. The first time I tested it, I was taken aback: there was vetiver and it did not smell like Sycomore but it also did not seem to smell like the rest of the vetiver mass. It started strange, a bit medicinal and fresh before some soft herbal notes appear that I first thought must be camomile and sage. Sage is listed as a note, camomile is not but the result is a calming and healthy scent. Like when you are not feeling well and treat yourself with a hot cup of herbal tea to feel better.

It takes some time for the vetiver to enter the stage and it does not come alone but is accompanied by labdanum, musk and tonka. Together, they show a soft play, swirling around and making you feel like there is smooth, creamy leather in there. No harsh leather, nothing animalic. It’s the smell of warm human skin. Vetiver + Skin.


Vetyver stays like this for a long time, only becoming more comforting and creamy. It wears fairly close to skin, disappearing if I move too much. For me it works best when I wear it at home, when there is not much distraction and movement going on. Vetyver feels intellectual, pensive, sensual. It creates a refuge for me and my thoughts after a long day, embraces me with its soothing earthy scent and makes me feel that everything will be alright.


Vetyver is no Sycomore-like powerhouse. And it doesn’t need to be because it stands its own ground and adds something truly unique to the vetiver genre.


Here is Vetyver’s full list of notes:

Blue Ginger, Grapefruit, Nutmeg, Vetyver from Bourbon, Ciste Labdanum, Musk, Patchouli, Absolute Sage

I bought my bottle of Vetyver (75ml) at Skinlife in Lisbon for 140 EUR. The German version of my review can be found here at Parfumo.

Have you tried Vetyver? What is your favourite vetiver scent and why?

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