Looking back: My Summer Essentials


Summer is almost over and I know I will soon swap my summer favourites against my autumn staples.


Before we all start wearing fall colours, eating pumpkin soup and carrying our umbrella with us everywhere we go, here is a quick review of my most worn and loved summer essentials. 


Dr. Hauschka Bronzing Powder

Truth be told, I do not only wear bronzer in summer. I am very pale and a little bit of dark shadow in my face makes me look healthier and all other colours in my face (eyes, lips, etc.) appear more intense.

What I love about the Hauschka Bronzing Powder is that it has no orange undertone but rather a neutral, slightly cool pink touch (perfect for girls with neutral to cold skin tone). This is only visible when compared to other bronzing powders though, it does not look pink when you open the (beautiful) lid. It is not shimmery and leaves your skin with this natural but somehow “better” tanned look.

I find it great for contouring but also as a substitute for blush. It always looks good no matter how I apply it, it also never looks too much.


ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioner in “Shell Shock”

Et voilà, the famous ILIA Lip Conditioner that has a huge fan base among us green beauty ladies and I am definitely one of them.

Shell Shock is a transparent, neutral to warm perfect mix of pink and coral. I wore this colour last summer and then almost forgot about it over the cold months because it had not enough “oomph” to stand again snow, wind and rain. Miraculously, all of this changes when it’s summer. Then it is easy, vibrant and fun.


Slumberhouse Perfume Pear + Olive

Slumberhouse, why are your perfumes so hard to get in Europe? I had to order this beautiful and unique scent from Poland (here) as I could not find it anywhere else.

Pear + Olive sounds a bit weird and it is weird but not as much as you would suggest from hearing the name. Basically, it is a lovely green, somewhat fruity fragrance but Josh Lobb managed to make it smell lush and dry and a little bit oily at the same time. I swear there is fig in there and the pear is not super sweet but mild, zesty and green. A masterpiece with astonishing staying power (apply in the morning, still smell it in the evening) that will probably also be with me in fall before I will move it to the back of the cupboard behind my winter staples.


Schmidt’s Sensitive Skin Deo Stick Fragrance-Free

There are two green product categories that I really struggle with: deodorant and sunscreens. Luckily, I found the solution for the first problem area with Schmidt’s deodorants. They have regular deodorant creams and deo sticks with baking soda that work great and that I have used for some time until I developed a skin sensitivity. My skin would react with rashes when I applied the creams and the whole search for a natural and efficient deodorant started all over again.

I am glad that Schmidt’s came up with their Sensitive Skin Deo Sticks not too long ago. I hoped for the best and was not disappointed: the deo stick is easy to apply, it has a creamy formula and it works!  I don’t need to reapply it over the day and still feel fresh and non-sweaty in the evening.


Annemarie Börlind Sun Fluid SPF 20

My second  problem area: Natural sunscreens. I know that the current products that are available on the market are already a lot better than how they used to be a couple of years ago. I tried many of them, spending hundreds (no joke) on products with mineral filters. The problem remains the same: they leave me looking white or they use nano zinc / titanium dioxide or they only use titanium dioxide where I am still sceptical if it covers the full spectrum (it protects against UVB and the short UVA rays but it’s questionable if it also protects against longer UVA rays). On top of that, they often make me brake out or (worst) they don’t work.

Solution: I keep trying mineral filter products but for now I rely on chemical filters. The product that worked best for me this summer was the Sun Fluid SPF 20 by Annemarie Börlind. I wear the fluid on top of my moisturiser and it actually works like a primer – it makes my skin look better and more even. I usually apply two layers, set with a bit of powder and am ready to go. Not greasy, no white cast, okay ingredients (no silicones, peg, petroleum, …), a compromise that I can live with.


Kester Black Nail Polish in “Acid”

Kester Blask Nail Polishes come with the “Five Free Formula”, meaning that they are free of toluene, DBP, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and camphor. The colour “Acid” is an almost neon yellow and makes every outfit look more sunny and fun.


Armedangels Top

Oh I forgot the third problem area: green fashion. I am no fashion queen and rarely buy clothes but I am slowly replacing my wardrobe with more sustainable products where I know that they were produced under fair conditions and with sustainable textiles.

Armedangels offer some lovely pieces, this simple white top with broderie anglaise was one of my favourites this summer.

Dr. Hauschka Bronzing Powder is widely available, e.g at Naturdrogerie (scroll down for INCIs).

I bought my ILIA Shell Shock Lip Conditioner at Amazingy, Schmidt’s Sensitive Skin Deo Stick at Ecco-Verde,  Annemarie Börlind Sun Fluid in my local Bio Supermarket and the Kester Black Nail Polish at Savue.

The Armedangels Top is available at several green online stores, mine is from Glore.

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