Listening to: She Keeps Bees


One of my favourite things to do is listening to music. I can’t do without it, it is like an amplifier of my mood, like the magic word that I need to fully live the moment.


Although nothing can compare to listening to a live concert, I am still glad for the many online possibilities that we have today. YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud and other providers allow us to find and listen to music that we know and like and, that’s the best part for me, they let me discover new amazing bands and artists all the time. 


One of my recent discoveries is the 2014 album “Eight Houses” by She Keeps Bees. I had not heard of the band before but the calm and slightly smoky voice of their lead singer, Jessica Larrabee, and the mixture of calm and melancholic as well as rock elements were exactly what I was looking for on a grey day.


If you can, listen to the whole album at once. All single tracks are good but even better in combination with the rest of the album. Jessical Larrabee sings with a strong voice but all songs have something vulnerable about them. It feels very human, and even more feminin.


She Keeps Bees will be on tour, starting with the US in October before heading to Europe for several concerts in Belgium, Germany, France, UK and Switzerland. Check out their Facebook site for more info!

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